Sunday, 17 October 2010

An activity during JotaJoti 2010

During the JotaJoti 2010 event, Scouts had to assemble a polystyrene model airplane. A challenge given was to see how far they could fly. Below is a picture of some of the assembled airplanes at start of the challenge.

Below, all planes on a combat mission

JotaJoti 2010

Our Scouts participated in the JotaJoti2010 event.

Messages were received from Spain, Canada, New Zealand, UK at start of the event.

At the start of our Scout meeting on Saturday each Scout was asked to select a country. We were shown how to log onto the JotaJoti website, select our chosen country and a Scout Group and to send a greetings message. Our reply greeting to Scouts that replied to us included an audio morse code wav file. The Scouts needed to crack the morse code.

We also participated in the JAMPUZ (bingo) event.