How to become a Scout

What Scouting offers Scouts.

If you are between the age of 11 and 18 years old you are old enough to be a Scout.

Scouts are curious, imaginative, creative, like collecting things, are part of a gang however due to their age they are now looking for more adventure and excitement.

The training a Scout receives is based upon the Scout Law and Promise.

It is a seven-year program and is a series of Advancement tests that extend the training of Scouts in habits of good health and physical fitness, teach skills which help the person to be independant, to be able to amuse oneself, and to give efficient service to others.

The program is guided by adult leadership (Troop Scouters & Assistants).

An extended Interest badge scheme helps widen interests and develop talents.

The highest award that can be earned (before the age of 18 years) is the "Springbok Award".

Springbok Award

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