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Scout Law and Scout Promise

The above graphics is available for downloading. It can be used to
make a laminated Scout card

Our Scout Court-of-Honour have proposed that our Scout Group should change a number of terms as used in the Group. The proposal is based on the our Scout Group being an "Air Scout Group".

The accepted proposal is for "Scout Patrols" to be called "Scout Flights".

Our Scout Group now has 4 Flights each representing a selected aircraft (Mirage, Spitfire, Tomcat and Sabre). When more members join two more aircraft names will be added.

Each Flight has its own "Flight Leader" (previously known as a Patrol Leader).

The Flight Leader together with the members of his Flight would be responsible for maintaining their own webpage providing detail of past events each Flight or its members have attended.

To view some details of past (or future) events of each Flight please select from the list below.