Sunday, 26 February 2012

Harmelia Scouts share North Rand District "web-site" award

On BP Sunday the Harmelia Gardens Scout Group and Kengray BK Scout Group were jointly awarded the North Rand LA "Best Digital Media Presence Trophy 2012".

Above are the Patrol Leaders who accepted the trophy on behalf of the Scout Group.

Comment: Each Patrol Leader is responsible for updating their Patrol blog page. The same applies for other blog pages on this site. It is very simple ; e-mail a new posting to a blog e-mail address and the rest is automatic.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Meet & Greet 2012 (1)

The Scouters of Harmelia Gardens Air Scout Group thank all parents for attending the first "Meet and Greet" event of 2012.

Cubs and Scouts were given a short demonstration about the use of various first-aid items found in two donated "First-Aid" kits. The demonstration was given by Dan of "First Aid Enterprises" with one of our Troop Patrol Leaders as the patient.



The demonstration was followed on with a braai and then closed with the singing of some Scout / Cub songs around a Campfire.

This is definitely better than KFC      

At the Campfire

"Scout Skit" in which the Fortune Teller says "Someone was going on a long walk".

Monday, 20 February 2012

Our New Scout Hall Sign

The committee of our Scout Group agreed during 2011 to improve our Scout facilities. One of the mandates given was to ensure that Scouting at Harmelia Gardens Air Scout Group is very visible to passing traffic into the Harmelia suburb.

Well, our thanks go to Shane for adding some pioneering skills to the sign. Also thanks goes to Shane’s contact that provided the sign artwork / screening / printing.

Our sign cannot be missed by passing traffic.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hot Air Ballooning

Fun was had on Saturday. The principle of flight of a Hot Air Balloon was discussed and a small Chinese version used for a demonstration. The demonstration was found to be very be interesting considering the thin /  tissue paper balloon rose to an extremely high altitude (above the clouds) over a time period lasting 15 to 20 minutes.