Sunday, 20 February 2011

BP Sunday in North Rand Scouting District

On 20 February, Cubs and Scouts from the various scout groups in our District celebrated Baden Powells birthday at a special scouting service held in the grounds of the 1st Hellenic Scout Group.

After the service the Cubs and Scouts from each group were split into teams of 5 members so that we could all participate in the fun events that were built by the 1st Hellenic Scouts. There were two very popular bases. These were "paintball" shooting and the other "archery",

The photos below show our Cubs at the start of the march, us during the march and us at the service that was held.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Food for Life

Food for Life is a programme put together by the South African Scout Association. The programme teaches Scouts and others how to grow food for the family, as well as equip them in benefitting from the skills they have acquired.

The Food for Life programme covers:
• Best place for my garden
• My tools
• Making a trench bed
• My container garden
• Sowing seeds
• Mulching
• Caring for your crops
• Waterwise
• Harvesting
• Nutrition

Below, our Cubs are very proud of their Food for Life garden.