Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Flights attend District Archery Competition

The Northrand Troop District Archery Competition was held at Eastern's Archery Club in Kempton Park on Saturday 30th August.

A total of 43 Scouts and 11 Patrols from various Groups in our District attended.

The groups who attended were Harmelia Gardens Air, Kengray, Hellenic, Edenvale Girls and Sao Jorge (Boy and Girls).

Overall winners were Sao Jorge Boys, followed by Kengray and in 3rd place Harmelia Sabre Flight.

Because of the nature of this event, and to keep the excitement up, a "cattie" competition was also held.

Above are some pictures of our Scout members that participated at the event.

Oliphants Gorge Hike

Greg, our Troop Leader, completed the last task as required to complete his earning a "Springbok Award".
Seen above are the Scouts who joined him whilst leading a hike through the Oliphants Gorge near Middleburg, Mpumalanga. The hike also included an over-night stay.
Note from Editor: I did not want to include too many pictures as most would be included in his logbook covering this event.

Harmelia Air Scouts upgrade their headgear

The picture above shows some of our Scouts wearing the new headgear as designed for our Scout Troop.
The idea / design is based on that worn by the South African Air Force.
Our Troop is now the smartest Air Scout Troop in the country.

What is the common factor is these pictures ?

Well, I am sure you have been able to work it out.
The pictures are of of various "helicopters".
The names of these helicopters are also the "Scouting" names chosen by the Adult Leaders of our Scout Troop.
Can you work out who is who ?