Saturday, 27 April 2013

NOTAM : Forth Coming Air Show

NOTAM detail

An Air Show celebrating "40 years of Aviation Passion" by the South African Air Force will be held at the Air Force Base Zwartkops on 11 May 2013.

Please see advert below for more details.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Scouts are at KonTiki 2013

After some absence (since 2008), our Troop was in attendance at the annual Gauteng Scouting event, KonTiki 2013, and participated in the raft building competition.

Even though it rained on Friday night nothing stopped the troop from building their raft. Below are some pictures taken of Spitfire Patrol who were staying on the raft for 24 hours, the model of the raft and then finally the Patrol "on-the-water". Well done to all (editor)

Mirage Patrol camped out at the event.

Mirage Patrol were also responsible for the running of the Harmelia Beaver Challenge activity at the event.

The one challenge was a North-South-East-West game whilst the other was the challenge of balancing 16 nails on the head of a 17th nail which was mounted on a block of wood.

Seen below are members of the 9th Irene Guide Company busy with the challenge of "hooking" one of the blocks using commands of North-South-East-West-Up-Down.

Well done to the 1st Rosebank Cub (seen above) who was able to complete the challenge of balancing the 16 nails.