Monday, 16 April 2012

Spring Greeting from Japan : JOTI connection

Dear Scout Friends,
After long winter, we are enjoying spring season here in Japan.

And a month of April is very special to Japanese people because a fiscal year starts from this month and also school too.  

When we say Spring!  It is cherry blossom!

I have posted the messages, with theme of “Cherry Blossom and Scouts,” from our scouts on our English Web site.  There are also the messages from other scout groups in our neighbor district.  Please visit following Web site with your scouts and enjoy our cherry blossom together.

   Yokohama Nanoh - Welcome The World - from Japan:

More posting from groups is expected with different theme on this Web site.

Any feedback comment from your scout to those message is appreciated.
Kaoru Yasui
International Relations,
Yokohama Nanoh District of
Kanagawa Council, SAJ