Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Scouts earning a "Plumbers Badge"

A fun activity of "learning all about plumbing" was given to Scouts in our Group. It was held at the Scout hall on Saturday 5th October and run by Peter Griffiths, a parent of one of our Scouts.

Peter prepared a booklet for the activity and Scouts needed to complete various tasks in the booklet to earn the badge.

Peter also brought along a wide variety of tools, plumbing items / parts as used by plumbers so that the Scouts can also participate in some practical aspects of plumbing.

Prior to completing a task, a demonstration was given by Peter as to what tools were needed, how to use the tools and how to complete the task.

The task found to be very popular by all Scouts was the cutting and then the soldering of a copper t-piece, a coupling with two short straight pieces. This required using a gas-burner, solder and flux.

Below is a photo taken during one of the demonstrations.

Our thanks to Peter for his assistance in being the badge examiner for this activity.