Wednesday, 16 October 2013

World Scouting launches new online platform

On 15 October 2013, World Scouting launched a new online platform for World Scouting. It aims to bring together all the Scouts around the world in a permanent jamboree. It marks a fundamental mind-shift in communications and will contribute to change the way business will be done in World Scouting. 
World Scouting are sure that this new platform will contribute to further engagement and exchange between Scouts worldwide. The changes to go beyond creating a new website. They reflect the way the Movement is seen and the role Scouting has in the lives of Scouts and Scouter leaders throughout the World.
"The platform that was created which will provide constant learning, communication, sharing and development." - Scott Teare, Secretary General WOSM
The new website is the centre of World Scouting’s renewed web presence. It is a hub for all of digital activities bringing a new level of transparency, responsiveness and interactivity. The vision for the new is to be an online space where the Movement is living in its full vibrancy – 24/7 and 365 days a year.
To view the new site click here
Some example "screen captures" below